MECO workers’ dedication beyond what public sees

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the employees of Maui Electric for their dedication and service to the public after Flossie left widespread damage to Maui’s electrical system.

Having worked for an electric utility for most of my career, I thought I would share some information that is often overlooked.

Most of the public see the line personnel out from the first reported outage until all power is restored. These dedicated skilled workers have left their families to clear downed power lines and isolate damaged equipment and make it safe for other emergency personnel to respond to the public’s needs.

My hat goes off to them.

But there are a cadre of others that also have left their loved ones to support the line personnel and to restore the generation that is required to provide power to our refrigerators and lights. There is a coordinated team working in the background to safely return the electrical system to service.

You have logistical personnel that make sure the proper materials are at hand for the crews to repair the system, substation personnel that repair and safely return high voltage equipment to service under the systems operators’ orders.

There are engineering support personnel, phone operators taking calls and helping prioritize the most serious conditions, and skilled generation plant personnel that bring the generation back on line as load requirements dictate.

If I have left a discipline out I am sorry for my omission.

Thanks, Maui Electric employees.

James Neil