More of the same bad news looms for Hawaii’s RNs

On Aug. 20, the Hawaii Government Employees Association informed state registered nurses that HGEA and the state government have reached an impasse in negotiations over the collective bargaining agreement for Unit 09, which expired on June 30.

RNs are arbitration bound. It’s deja vu. Back in 2011, the news was not any different and I fear the results will be appallingly the same.

And why should they be different? We have the same governor, the same HGEA and the same absence of information that keeps RNs and the public in the dark, unaware and frustrated with the whole process.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie will allow the state Legislature a 25 percent pay raise without a concern, and state RNs he will keep at a 25 percent deficit compared to private hospital RNs in Hawaii.

Abercrombie will make state RNs endure another two years of arbitration and give them more reasons to leave the state system and seek work elsewhere. Then he can pay the newly hired state RNs even less.

Does this sound like a good plan for health care in Hawaii?

Kenneth Moskow