Much of the Zimmerman story suppressed by media

Race was not an issue with George Zimmerman. The Associated Press does not tell you that George took a black girl to the prom, that he tutored black children, has a black grandmother and stood up for a black man who was wrongly accused (Google). The press did not play up the fact that the Thursday after the verdict, a family of four was pinned in an overturned van in Sanford, Fla. They were aided by two men, one of them Zimmerman.

Most news outlets will suppress news that does not fit their agenda, as the author of “Race-baiting industry is keeping racism alive” (Letters, July 17) wrote.

Defense attorney Mark O’Mara is suing NBC for illegally splicing the original 911 call when the neighborhood watch man had to be asked the color of Trayvon Martin’s skin.

Zimmerman had a permit to carry, did not attack the taller, stronger football player and, after crying out for help, only used his gun as self-defense.

It is sad that, after a fair trial, race-baiters Al Sharpton and Attorney General Eric Holder perpetuate keeping the country divided when a beleaguered and threatened Zimmerman was not afraid to step out of hiding to help a family in trouble.

When stopped in Texas recently, the news reported his gun was in the glove compartment. I do not blame George.

Gaye McDonald

Kihei / Henderson, Nev.