No good options to choose from with Obamacare

Obamacare. If you get sick and in dire need of medical care, you can’t get any till you’re allowed to sign up for it in October or January. And it may not kick in till July.

So in the meantime, what do you do?

Simple answer. You either run up one heck of a medical bill or you die. No insurance company will sell you any. Social Security (there’s a two-word joke) won’t help you and Medquest won’t help you either if you make over $1,400 a month.

I wonder how many good people are suffering mentally and physically right now because the Republicans stalled on this and Obama compromised everything so that the medical corporations have time to rewrite their policies so that the doctors, hospitals and people will be properly robbed again when Obamacare kicks in. I’m just glad the biopsy came out in my favor. The $11,000 bill I ran up will be paid. An amount of $25 a month for the 442 months. That’ll take, what, 36 years? Obama? Smooth a tongue as a slip-and-slide with soap on it.

Gaby Gouveia