No harm attribued to injection well discharge

The recent Lahaina shoreline study the environmentalists are touting in order to push for more costly taxpayer-paid remedies, or to negotiate away our injection wells, leaves something to be desired (The Maui News, July 25).

After 1.25 years the dye showed up in the first 75 feet of shoreline. The study estimated an average flow of 2.75 mgd of disinfected injection well water, which may include groundwater too, flowing into the first 75 feet of offshore water.

Based on an average shoreline depth, out to 75 feet distance, this calculates to a concentration of 0.19 ppm of treated injection well water. Wow, that’s a heavy concentration. And no mention of additional breakdown in the ocean waters.

This 0.19 ppm is an estimate of the amount of disinfected injection well water, that may include groundwater.

The study did not state any harm had been attributed to this discharge with this extremely low concentration. We should probably worry more about surfboard wax and sunscreen in the shoreline waters affecting coral than this.

Don Gerbig