Not all victims of crime given the same support

What is going on? George Zimmerman stalks and shoots an unarmed African-American youth in a hoodie. President Barack Obama and African-American leaders were publicly outraged and they rioted in the streets.

An overzealous drunk, federal agent Christopher Deedy, with his gang, enters a McDonald’s and picks a fight with a young local man. The young man starts to beat the agent, Deedy shoots him. What was he thinking, defending himself? Local community was outraged. The district attorney vowed prosecution.

In Georgia, two misunderstood African-American youths, while cutting school, rob a white mother pushing her baby stroller. She didn’t have any money and her punishment was to be shot and her baby killed.

Now, three African-American youths in Oklahoma got bored, drove to the wealthier side of town, shot and killed a white jogger. The community is outraged. The district attorney has vowed prosecution.

Obama and the African-American leaders are outraged, making public appearances and there is rioting in the streets.

Oh, wait a minute, none of that happened. The president didn’t speak for the victims, no community leaders went on TV to voice their protest and not one incident of rioting took place. Why is that? Maybe the white community doesn’t see every crime as racial. Maybe they don’t want to be called racist if they did by Obama, the leaders of the African-American community and other nonwhite organizations.

In the words of Rodney King – “Can’t we all just get along?”

Mark Wilson