People’s health put at risk by HC&S for profit

Once again I am enjoying my daughter’s lanai on a Saturday morning only to be greeted with the expanding cloud of burned cane spreading over the entire skyline. This cloud is full of burned plastic, soot and everything else that burns with the cane.

Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Co. recently commented in The Maui News (Letters, July 27) that burning cane is the only “viable” way to harvest. This means maximizing profits.

If that was a valid reason, we would never have created rules around any form of pollution control because the industries being regulated always cite cost as a reason not to regulate pollution.

Think vehicle smog control, PG&E and Erin Brokovich, asbestos and a host of other changes we have seen. When will HC&S be forced to enter the 21st century, as other cane-growing areas have, and end this cycle of gross pollution?

It has no regard for the health and well-being of the residents of Maui, only the bottom line.

Ann Bradley

Napa, Calif.