Police fail to follow up on reports of fire danger

I’ve lived here in Kihei for over 26 years and have been a commercial tour driver, hike guide for most of that time.

When I read the article in the paper about the brush fire in the Kaupo area, which I drive through a couple of times a week, I thought of some dialogue in the past several years I have had with the Maui Police Deptartment when I’ve called them to complain about possible brush fires. Several times I’ve been driving in different areas on the island and I would see a driver throw a lit cigarette from their vehicle toward the shoulder of the highway.

I’ve called the police several of these times with detailed information of make of car, license number and description of the driver with the approximate time of incident.

The answer I would receive from the dispatch is there is nothing we can do, or we’re too busy. Out of frustration, obviously, I stopped reporting such incidents, as I still see them upon occasion. I’m sure some fires are caused by this type of activity.

As the news article says (The Maui News, July 24), we are to work together as a community, but it’s difficult to do when the people with authority won’t follow up on reports such as these.

Wayne A. Dunn