Politicians only living at the expense of taxpayers

The politicians have done it again.

Looking at the new circuit breaker application for Maui County revealed the following:

If your house is worth more than $400,000 you do not qualify for the breaker. This will adversely affect people who purchased their houses at much less than that.

Over the years their property has appreciated. This is an unrealized gain because the property owner has not gained one dime unless he sells. In order to obtain more revenue to spend on questionable programs, the politicians tax at the appreciated rate and not the purchase price rate.

The application is much longer. In addition to all of your tax returns they now want you to contact the IRS to obtain tax receipts statements.

Yes indeed, in order to apply for the tax relief you must get the federal government involved to prove that you did in fact pay your taxes.

These politicians have never seen a dollar earned by hardworking folks that they believed they should not tax.

They really believe that all income should belong to the government. These leeches on society have never held a decent job and only live at the expense of the taxpayers.

Robert A. Lane