Returning of little-used beach toys is shameful

Has anyone else felt such great embarrassment as I do when I see the line of tourists returning their exactly one-week-old boogie boards, snorkel sets and beach chairs every time I shop at Costco?

Don’t these people have any sense of right or wrong, or dignity? Teaching their kids to stand in line with them, that this is the standard routine on the way to the airport, like taking the rental car back or going through airport security?

Should we all just look away, embarrassed that they are Costco members or even the same species as we are, as I find myself trying to do?

Why don’t we all, next time we are at Costco, bust out with at least a little bit of Maui-style stink-eye and maybe a “shame” to do what we can to stop this pathetic behavior.

Nathan J. Grove