State discriminating against registered nurses

Gov. Neil Abercrombie continues to discriminate against and degrade state registered nurses.

The 8 percent raise RNs won after two years of arbitration pales in comparison to the 16.8 percent raise for police and the state Legislature’s planned 25 percent raise in January 2014.

State RNs are back at the negotiating table and the state is offering cuts blaming rising labor costs.

All of the above professions are vital to the community. Why should Abercrombie value the nursing profession much less than the others?

The major difference between the above professions is gender. He believes he can delay paying RNs year after year and they won’t fight back. The Hawaii Government Employees Association has been ineffective at best and I’m afraid Abercrombie is right. He has discouraged the state RNs to the point of dismay, disappointment and decaying morale.

Ken Moskow