Taxpayers deserve to know the cost of settlements

There have been two stories in The Maui News recently regarding civil settlements between the Maui Police Department and civilians that have been wronged by individual police officers.

In both settlements there was an agreement between both parties to keep the dollar amount secret from the public.

I find this outrageous. I commend The Maui News for getting the amounts on one of these cases through the Freedom of Information Act.

If the payments were coming from the pockets of the individual officers, it would be different. But this money is coming from the taxpayers’ pockets. The taxpayers should always be aware of where their tax dollars are going.

Maybe our county politicians should review this practice and pass an edict to end it. They have been going on for months about the lack of openness regarding the old post office demolition expenditures, why not be open on how much taxpayer money goes out in civil settlements by wrongdoing by county employees?

Rod Pedersen