Thankful that HC&S is still producing Maui sugar

After reading “Operating profit grows for A&B’s agribusiness” (The Maui News, Aug. 17), I am sure the newspaper will receive more letters regarding Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar cane burning.

An explanation was given why burning is better for processing, including notices when cane burning is scheduled. Visit the beautiful west side during these times and enjoy golfing and water sports or visit the quaint shops and restaurants. Still negative responses, enough already.

How about looking at government/congressional leaders who have been there forever? They allowed companies to shut down agriculture operations in Hawaii and allow them to grow produce outside of our United States then ship them back for marketing. Our sugar and pineapple industries in Hawaii became industries past, except HC&S. Our farmers on the Mainland are not having an easy time, either.

Couldn’t our various branches of the military support us? They use sugar and consume lots of fruit. Walk into our Maui supermarkets, you will find grapes from Ecuador and bananas, cantaloupes and other produce from Mexico. Thank goodness we can still buy Maui pineapple, other homegrown fruit and vegetables at the farmers markets. Thankful, too, HC&S is operating and producing Maui sugar.

Also, plane fares are outrageous. Help. Not even a senior fare? We need a break here with fluctuating gas prices. Many seniors are on a limited, fixed income. At age 70, I would be grateful since the Superferry disappeared too.

Lehua Watanabe