Upcoming weekend is one that can change lives

We were happy to see the ads in The Maui News for a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend to be held on Maui at the Maui Beach Hotel this Sept. 20-22.

When we dine out, it is not unusual to see couples eating together but barely talking. They seem less like lovers and more like two single people at the same table. The joy and pleasure of discovering and enjoying life with your soul mate appears to be missing.

We were like that once, but several years ago we found a way to reinvigorate our relationship. It was a weekend that changed our lives. It was by going on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend just like the one being offered here on Maui in September. The program is also being offered Sept. 27-29 on Oahu.

The program does not involve any public discussion of any couple’s issues. No personal data is exchanged except privately between spouses. Amazingly, the divorce rate for couples who have gone on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend is only 2 percent compared to the 50 percent that is the norm in the United States.

Anyone wishing to find out more about the upcoming weekend or who would like to attend should call (808) 268-1578 or go to

You owe it to your spouse and yourself to learn how to fall deeply in love all over again.

Jane and Michael Maloney