Will column insulting and mean-spirited

In George F. Will’s Aug. 4 column, he compares unionized government workers to the larva of the ichneumon fly that hatch in and consume the bodies of caterpillars stung by the adult fly.

Will writes that the pensions promised to these unionized workers are the reason that Detroit is now facing bankruptcy, and retired government workers are akin to fly larva eating the body of their host.

Who are these people described by Will? They are our teachers, police and firefighters. They are the people who pick up and dispose of our trash in an environmentally responsible fashion. They are the people who ensure that our drinking water is safe, who repair our roads. They are folks who do things that are both essential and useful. Yet, Will writes that because these folks have bargained for some sort of pension, so that they can pay their bills after decades of service to the public, it turns them into disgusting parasites.

I understand that The Maui News makes a point of publishing columns by both liberal and conservative writers, but Will’s insulting and mean-spirited column was so far off to the right of the mainstream as to not, in any way, represent the vast majority of those who call themselves conservatives. It is ironic that The Maui News and other outlets pay Will for the right to publish his work so that he can retire in wealth for doing nothing useful or essential.

Brian Jenkins