Airline needs to upgrade planes on Maui flights

I travel to the Mainland five times a year to visit my mother – 12-13 total hours in the air, with varying hours at terminals. I most often use United and have at least one-half million miles traveled with them. I think this is about to change.

Once I reach the Mainland, I am booked on decent, modern aircraft. However, the United planes to and from Maui have continued to be old, not as clean as they should be and nowhere as efficient as they should be, given United’s Hawaii business.

My recent flight was on a really ugly thing with small TVs still on the ceiling. But once I reached San Francisco I boarded a beautiful new plane to Chicago, and then another great plane to Hartford.

Such continued use of old planes to Maui has caused me to consider switching airlines after many loyal years to United. Hawaiian’s nonstop to New York from Honolulu is almost reflective of how good travel used to be – a clean, modern and attractive plane, great service and fairly decent food. United had better pay better attention to its Maui business.

Vincent Linares