All of us are responsible for our own actions

As government gets worse with cutbacks and limited budgets, I ask the question: Is it because of irresponsible people taking advantage of the system or the government wanting control?

If you ask me, people go into public service for one of two reasons – for personal gain and power, or to genuinely represent the people and bring about productive change.

The ideal goal is to have the majority of society think independently and take care of its responsibilities and meet its obligations. All of this while being polite with humility and having respect for oneself and others, acting as best one can to be a law-abiding citizen.

In reality, there are a lot of people who cannot think for themselves and who are ignorant of the fact to think of others – young or old. When you have the poor sacrificing to help others and the well-off not even thinking about it, my friends is there a problem?

One thing I am made aware of is as I get older is that much of the weight is put on the regular person within the community – the one who does the best he or she can to pay bills, get by and not pretend to be perfect. Sometimes they get caught in making a bad choice and sometimes that may cost them everything they worked hard for.

We are responsible for our actions and deal with the consequences of our decisions.

Desmond Yap