Answers are needed about where funds are going

When we hear finances being allocated to other entities, then what other entities are the funds being allocated to? Why is Councilman Mike White constantly going along with decisions of corporation counsel to amend bills?

I see too many deceptive maneuvers to get bills amended for companies, even though companies can’t produce accurate financial statements and overhead cost reports. Then they claim they have donations from other companies in the millions and yet no red flags are raised?

Any typical civilian not tied to other business would immediately be investigated for money laundering. So, why in the world do we have Mike White sanctioning or amending bills for companies to continue to borrow money from the county? We need to question the corporate counsel as well as White in the roles they play in aiding and abiding inaccurate businesses and companies.

Good job to Councilman Riki Hokama for actually asking questions.

Edward Ka’ahui Jr.