Anyone disagreeing with president must be racist

For years we were told by the political left that any disagreement with the president must be racial. If one questioned the advisability of sending hundreds of weapons to drug cartels in Mexico, it was racial. Questioning the arithmetic of reducing medical costs by adding 30 million new people to health insurance roles with no consideration of pre-existing conditions and with capped premiums was said to be racist.

Apparently two plus two equals one and a half.

Opposing new job-killing regulations of the Dodd-Frank act that discourages banks from lending to qualified applicants, racist. Questioning the events of September the 11th in Libya, racist. Looking into the Internal Revenue Service’s obvious misuse of power, also racist.

In order to avoid the label of racist, we were all supposed to fall in line and support anything that this wonderful messiah does, says or thinks, or else . . . you guessed it.

Applying this well-established politically correct rule to the current situation regarding Syria hoists the political left, including Hawaii’s representatives, on its own petard because it overwhelmingly opposes attacking Syria. Therefore, by their own definition, they are racists.

Who says karma can’t be fun?

Dan Speas