Beware of developers setting our energy policies

It was with great sadness and disappointment that I read The Maui News’ Sept. 23 article about the proposed undersea cable for Maui.

Where were the quotes and/or comments from community members who were present? Where were the many comments submitted to the Public Utilities Commission regarding this project, including a very informative set of questions from Maui County’s Energy Office?

The article read not as an informative, balanced story but rather as a press release from NextEra.

And the arguments they’re making? Haven’t we learned anything from the fiasco of Big Wind? Does The Maui News – and its readers – really believe that your electric rates will be reduced? Who will pay for that cable? Remember the Cable Regulatory Bill? That bill guarantees that ratepayers will cover every penny of the cable costs. And recent estimates of an even shorter cable (Lanai to Oahu) were in the $.12/kilowatt range. Add that to everyone’s bill and see if their rates go down.

It’s amazing that we’ve not learned to beware of developers setting our energy policies.

Robin Kaye

Friends of Lana’i

Lanai City