Board members were not ‘scared’ into resigning

Wailuku Main Street Association’s former board chairman’s Sept. 8 letter to the editor stating that I “scared” WMSA’s board members into resigning is incorrect and incomplete.

Due to the widespread breaches of fiduciary duty well documented in the attorney general’s Aug. 30, 2012, investigation findings, and the fact that WMSA no longer had a stable funding source, in January 2013 the attorney general requested the WMSA board to voluntarily dissolve the corporation. That request went unheeded five months later.

In May 2013 the attorney general forwarded a draft complaint to remove the board of directors due to widespread misfeasance and again asked the board to voluntarily dissolve WMSA. By the date of this letter, many of the WMSA’s 13 directors had already quit.

During a May 23 conference call with the remaining board members, the attorney general’s office was led to believe that the remaining board would voluntarily dissolve. However, all of the remaining board members resigned and the attorney general was left no other option than to file a motion to dissolve WMSA and to have a receiver appointed because WMSA was left rudderless and no person could act for the corporation.

Hugh Jones

State Deputy Attorney General