Chicken roundup would be a win-win situation

The County of Maui should seriously consider sponsoring the first annual chicken roundup as an inexpensive, positive and fun way to deal with and eventually eliminate the chicken problem that has exploded in our backyard.

Service groups, nonprofits, sports teams and other groups could challenge one another to determine which one of them is the champion Chicken Rounder-Upper.

Following the roundup, the next event could be the Chicken Cooking Challenge. Students from the University of Hawaii Maui College majoring in culinary arts can challenge one another to see who can come up with the best chicken dish.

The bulk of the chicken can be cooked by some of Maui’s best chefs and the dishes can be donated to those in need of hot meals – meals in the form of chicken adobo, chicken hekka, huli huli chicken, barbecue chicken and other delicious local chicken dishes.

How about it, Mr. Mayor? Is the county up to the chicken roundup challenge?

Don’t be chicken. Accept the challenge.

William T. Kinaka