Conservative Op-ed slant lacking in solutions

I have been a subscriber since 1979, when my neighbor in Spreckelsville, Colin Cameron, and his family were owners of The Maui News. I have enjoyed the paper and feel it does a valuable service to our community by informing all of events and issues of our island.

Recently I went to Alaska and saw a similar paper in Homer, which is much smaller. It informs as well but I feel does better job in its Op-ed opportunities than The Maui News. In this short paper were Op-eds from Tom Friedman and Paul Krugman, both well respected, and Krugman just won a Nobel Prize in economics. I learned more from their articles then any Op-ed in The Maui News in years.

The Op-eds in our paper are usually right-wing in nature, anti-President Barack Obama or anti-government and give no solutions to any of our many problems. Why can’t The Maui News be fair-minded and bring forth solutions in its articles?

If Americans are given options and solution-orientated opinions, maybe the country can get out of the malaise of our government inactions. At least our paper can inform us in a rounded way, not just a conservative slant.

Dennis Fitzpatrick