Don’t run from the responsibility of jury duty

I recently had the privilege to sit on a jury on Maui. I would have not called it a privilege before having my experience.

Like most citizens of Maui, I skated not being called or selected to jury duty for some 20-plus years. My heart sank as I was immediately selected by chance with the court clerk pulling my name out of a bag.

I cursed and rolled my eyes as fellow Maui citizens were called and the selection process began between the prosecutor and defense team. I grudgingly made the cut and the trial began.

In the end, my fellow jurors pleasantly surprised me as we came to a heart-wrenching decision with literally tears being shed. There was no celebration, but fond farewells as we became part of the imperfect but best justice system in the world.

Maui citizens, don’t run from our responsibility. Be part of the solution, which is jury duty.

Andrew Bayron