Dumping off kittens at cat colonies is inhumane

A message to the heartless, inhumane and illiterate person or people that dump kittens at cat colonies on the island: Most of the caretakers are already in distress physically and financially because we put our hearts and souls into the cats on Maui.

Doesn’t anybody realize that we all buy our own food, foot the cost of most neuters/spays that we have done, worm and keep fleas off of our cats on a daily basis? What happened to caring for animals? They have as much right to a decent life here on Earth as any of us do.

Please contact a caretaker or Maui Humane Society; we will help you spay/neuter your female in order that we don’t have to care for your kittens for 10 to 15 years. Any of us would rather pay and help you now than to have another life dumped on us for another 15 years of our lives.

Wake up. We try so hard to save and control the spread of more helpless and homeless cats on Maui, can’t you give us a little consideration?

Darleen Owens