Efforts to preserve land on coastline applauded

Thank you and job well done to Mayor Alan Arakawa and the Maui County Council – particularly Gladys Baisa and Mike Victorino – for the progressive foresight shown in procuring the Launiupoko land along the leeward coastline of Maui. This effort will preserve the treasure of our natural coastline environment in perpetuity and thus ensure a positive future for the next generations on Maui in regard to ocean, reef and human cultural integrity.

Thank you also to state Rep. Angus McKelvey, state Sen. Roz Baker and grass-roots organizations such as Save Honolua for a similar effort that will preserve Lipoa Point and Honolua Bay in the same way.

These efforts truly represent the thoughtful consideration of our political leaders and civic volunteers to have the intelligence, foresight and courage to implement action that truly preserves the treasure of the natural environment.

Walter Chihara