Electricity plan helps Oahu, not Maui

Here we go again. A major Mainland company that wants to shag Hawaii for $600 million to $1 billion (The Maui News, Sept. 23). An Oahu-centric state Legislature and a Honolulu county government that’s looking out for themselves. And both Maui Electric Co. and the Maui County government hot to sell out the people of all of our island.

Let’s send Eric Gleason packing. First, realize that his projected $100 to $170 per year savings equates to a monthly savings to Maui customers of only $8.33 to $14.17 a month. (Over 40 years? Really?) Pathetically little, considering our current bills. He also wants us to drool over the lousy $0.05 per kilowatt hour less that Oahu pays for its electricity. Again, a genuine pittance. We know where his interest lies.

And what’s in it for Oahu? They get to maintain their beautiful skylines and uninterrupted vistas while we cover ours with windmills and voltaic cells – primarily to supply them. Remember that it takes a lot less whirligigs sticking into the sky and mirrors reflecting the clouds to supply electricity to Maui County’s 150,000 residents than it does to supply Oahu’s 950,000 people, and this is really the crux for the Oahu county and Hawaii state governments. Let them screw up their island, not ours. Their modus operandi – again.

Voters, where is your outrage? Stop this nonsense now.

Al Rabold