Enaction of Jessica’s Law long overdue in Hawaii

The governor is calling a special session of the Legislature to get gay marriage passed (The Maui News, Sept. 10). All the news stations and this newspaper report that Hawaii will be the 14th state to pass it, as if we have to jump on board soon to show that we are more progressive minded that the other states in this nation.

How about passing a Jessica’s Law in Hawaii? Forty-four states have passed a Jessica’s Law and Hawaii is one of six that hasn’t.

Anyone who reads this paper knows we sure need one here. Every child sexual abuse case that comes before the courts on Maui is a plea deal where the guilty get a greatly reduced sentence. I thought it was just the judges but I now see it is also the prosecuting attorneys’ office that make the deals because they don’t want the child traumatized by testifying in court.

How do all the other state courts handle it? Possibly the child in another room with cameras? It’s shameful that Hawaii does not have a Jessica’s Law.

Rod Pedersen