Example of the DOE’s inflexibility found on Lanai

The Page One story on Aug. 27 gives all of us a great insight to one of the major problems of Department of Education.

Lanai schools are having problems filling substitute teachers positions because the DOE is so inflexible and so rule-bound. Quoting complex area Superintendent Lindsay Ball, the article stated “the ferry idea would not work if a teacher called in sick for the day that morning.” What if the DOE instead looked at the positive and said “what if they didn’t call in sick?” And why not change the rule and pay the substitute his/her gas expense? The DOE, for some reason, just cannot think of easy solutions.

And there is a cure for the Hawaii schools. Audit the DOE and there will be found all the money needed to pay teachers properly and even to reimburse some gas money. But we know this cannot happen because our servants in the Legislature are owned by the unions rather than all of the taxpayers and voters.

L. David Taylor