Fixing Kanaha fence would help protect wildlife

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources, in a commendable effort to protect Kanaha Pond and preserve the wildlife therein, continues to trap and euthanize cats that enter the protected area.

However, after six years of knowledge, it fails to repair the holes in the lower part of the fence that allow the cats (both the park cats and the pets that have been dumped) to enter the restricted area. If it is a matter of money, it would probably be as cost effective to repair the holes as to trap and euthanize since that too costs money. If it is a matter of manpower, I’m sure the cat colony protectors can muster up some volunteer help to work with DLNR on this issue.

Volunteers can be contacted through any of the major animal welfare organizations. Let’s get the community working together, get this problem fixed and stop any more needless killing.

Leslie Farnel