Gigantic buildings do not belong on ag land

Regarding the land above Launiupoko park, remember the protesting because it was considered to be Hawaiian land being used by the plantation? The plantation closed, protesting didn’t do anything for it, and it was eventually sold off as agricultural land in parcels of about 2.5 acres.

Questions came up because people were buying up parcels with dreams of subdividing and it was made very clear that those properties were ag zoned and had to be used as ag-zoned land should be used. Like for farming, which is what we need more of.

Check out one of the “top 10 beach bed-and-breakfast by,” which is based in Austin, Texas (The Maui News, Sept. 14).

Take a look at that area as you pass and you’ll see a lot more gigantic buildings coming up along that area moving up into the mountains. If one can, so can others, depending how much money you got.

Maybe use of ag land should be printed in the paper so everyone knows. Check out the ruling on ag land use.

Henry P. Kahula Jr.