Just thinking of society’s future is petrifying

Traitors, racism, sexual innuendo are contributors to dwindling moral value of an otherwise worthy society.

I hope Bradley Manning gets what he deserves, same with Edward Snowden. These two have made our nation more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

You think these transportation crushes are due to malfunction or negligence? How does it feel when you travel or walk at shopping centers? It’s Russian roulette. I welcome 24/7 surveillance with proper jurisdiction.

Racism does not only pertain to blacks and whites stemming from the slavery era due to bigotry but also between other ethnic groups. The black and white players are transparent, achieving violent physically while the latter kill with kindness, passive aggressiveness.

It’s a fantasy world if we believe racism would go away but striving for acceptance would not hurt.

It’s a shame for these sexual deviant politicians (Today’s Editorial, July 31) to seek resurrection while continuing their illicit acts with denials. I am glad they are not in Hawaii. Could their arrogance be contagious? Are these the kind of leaders we want to lead our country, to make laws for us to abide?

It’s puzzling that high-powered leaders who have worked hard all their lives to obtain their prestigious careers are destroyed by immoral indiscretion.

I am petrified just thinking of the future. What kind of society will our young children and grandkids be exposed to?

Irene B. Nakama