Kihei pedestrians best served by common sense

An Aug. 30 letter writer suggested that we reduce the unreasonably high speed limit on South Kihei Road. To what? 10 mph? Why not just outlaw cars altogether?

I never have a problem crossing the street in Kihei. Is this because I use common sense, look both ways and wait patiently for a clear chance to cross? Maybe because I don’t dart out into traffic like 90 percent of the pedestrians in Kihei. I am amazed at how many times pedestrians walk in front of moving cars. Gee, what’s easier, for pedestrians to wait two seconds or for someone to bring their 3-ton vehicle to a stop? But no, pedestrians have the right of way, so just throw all common sense to the wind and jump into the crosswalk – there’s a magical force field that keeps cars from hitting them.

Listen, the law doesn’t give people an excuse to stop thinking.

And people, a green light means go. Stop letting the ABC store’s parking lot empty out on our green light. The light is green and it is there to alleviate traffic so you don’t have to.

Steve Lawrence