Letter writers should strive for higher standard

After reading the Sept. 11 letters, I felt put off to one degree or another. I found the letters unkind and shallow, repetitive or simply not really thought through.

What I found unkind and somewhat shallow was one writer’s need to criticize another writer’s grammatical errors and omission of his or her credentials (credentials, really?) as opposed to simply considering the value of the subject’s content.

The next writer, commenting that global warming is real and worse, chose to continue the ongoing chain commentary on global warming – it’s real, no it’s not, yes it is, no it’s not. So, I guess it was time for an “it’s real,” thus paving the way for the next “no it’s not.”

To the next writer, once again revisited the evils of South Maui’s building development. I offer my thanks for mentioning what and where the correct venue for public opinion would be and who would be in a position to act appropriately on the issue, finally.

Then we have trees in parking lots. South Maui is hot. There, I said it. I seriously doubt that the trees in our parking lots were planted for anything other than aesthetic value. Although proper trimming makes for a beautiful tree, which does offer some degree of shade when directly under it, the notion of a few sparse trees in shopping center parking lots being planted with the intention of cooling more than the immediate area is a bit . . . well.

Roy Ayala