Library’s mistake proves costly for borrower

A couple of months or so ago, I received a notice from the Kihei Public Library that my son hasn’t returned a book. I checked, and I was sure it was returned and let the library know.

I then got another notice that the book has not been returned. I checked again, and told the library that I didn’t have it.

After a month or so, I received a bill for the “lost” book with interest (some $35 in total), which I again contested but, soon after, I was contacted by a collection agency because of the lost book. At that point, not wanting it to go any further, I paid the fee in full.

Soon after that, my wife, out of curiosity, walked into the library and looked up the book in question. Sure enough, it was in the catalog as lost. She then walked to the shelf where it was supposed to be and, lo and behold, the book was there. She then showed it to management. They apologized for the mishap and said we’d get the money back, less processing fee.

My family is a strong supporter of the public library system, and the amount in question was really insignificant, but the fact that I was sent to collection for the library’s mistake and, in the end, they didn’t even refund the full amount to cover for processing is just plain wrong.

Istvan Siposs