Mauians are left to deal with development

There was a Sept. 19 article that reported the talk a man gave at a Kihei Community Association meeting. That man is someone I respect and admire and I just wish I was there to hear him. It stated that he was wary that too much development for this island would be dangerous for us all, whether or not we lived in the proposed area.

Reference was being made about a large development, along with other smaller ones, which were approved by the planning commission at recent meetings and the concern was about impacts to roadways, the water supply and coastline access. Specifically, it was the cumulative effect of all of them and not any single one approved.

Yet, the planning director had the courage to say that they might not all get built. So we have to wait and see? Give me a break. Developers make the money and leave, taking the money with them to someplace else.

Then we have to fix anything that goes wrong?

Gordon C. Cockett