Military being used as pawn in budget battle

I continue to read the letters written by our brothers and sisters on the left who are being brainwashed by the likes of MSNBC, CBS, ABC or are simply naive.

About the Sept. 24 editorial, “Trouble again in Washington”: If the government does shut down and the people in the military get IOUs instead of checks it will be because the current administration makes it happen that way. That way they don’t have to take blame for something they are almost totally responsible for.

It does not matter what the budget crisis is, it’s always teachers, firefighters, policemen and our military that are the pawns. It never seems to be the millions of people on the government dole or the hundreds of millions the administration spends on vacations and very questionable travel.

About Republican obstructionism, if one understands the Constitution one understands that the House is responsible to make and pass all bills that have to do with revenue. They then send them to the Senate. The Senate either accepts a bill or amends it and sends it back.

Now if you’re paying attention, this would be the perfect time for the Senate to address the parts of Obamacare that they, by now, know need fixing. But my guess is that Sen. Harry Reid will say, “I don’t like your bill, send me a new one.” Why? Because addressing it means having to deal with it in public.

Instead of transparency, we have Reid obstructionism and President Barack Obama’s demagoguery.

Bill Botts