More eateries suggested for ‘Best Of’ listings

Many fine eateries were recognized in Maui News’ “Best Of” section in the Sept. 1 issue. However, the selections favored certain tastes and types of cuisine.

In particular, I thought the “Best Pizza” category was skewed. I’m from Brooklyn, N.Y., a fan of old-fashioned New York-style pizza, and Flatbread Co. (though I like the Paia atmosphere) doesn’t even make my list. For my pizza fix, I’ll take Serpico’s in Pukalani owned by a New Jersey native. I also give honorable mentions to Pizza Fresh in Makawao and Shaka Pizza in Kihei.

In the “Best Italian” category, I’m sure Upcountry folks bristled when Casanova Italian Restaurant & Deli in Makawao was not mentioned.

Finally, though I’m not sure what category it would fit into, the reasonably priced Kula Bistro has to be one of the best restaurants to open on Maui in the past couple of years.

Alan Hodara