Obama’s actions serve only to weaken our nation

Barack Obama is the American Neville Chamberlain. Chamberlain made a deal with Adolf Hitler in 1938 to give Czechoslovakia, a democracy, to the Nazis. In exchange he got “peace in our time.” What he really got was WWII.

Obama has made a deal with Vladimir Putin to give Syria to the dictator, Bashar Assad, and abandon the rebels that he claimed to support. In return, Obama gets himself out of his commitment to punish Assad for using poison gas on his own people.

This is a short-term political gain for Obama and leads, in the long term, to a weakening of the United States in the world and a weakening of his own presidency. These are very dangerous consequences for our nation.

Leon Panetta and Robert Gates, both former secretaries of defense under Obama, have called this deal a dangerous error.

Who will be our Winston Churchill?

David Welsh