Obamacare should crash and burn

The case against Obamacare has been made by the most accomplished liar of modern times – an impeached, disbarred, unrepentant philanderer who somehow finds himself sought after to give gravitas to a fatally flawed program. William Jefferson Clinton, stumping for the current president’s health care initiative, has told the nation exactly why we should junk Obamacare with the rest of the communist garbage.

I paraphrase: “We need to enroll healthy young people to support older people with pre-existing conditions.” What Bill confirms is that Obamacare is a Ponzi scheme, just like Social Security, taxes, unemployment and other government programs that redistribute wealth.

Years ago, when promoting Obamacare, Rep. Nancy Pelosi said that “we must vote for it to find out what is in it.” We still don’t know what is in it.

Obamacare has stunk from the beginning when Hillary Clinton tried it. Socialized medicine crashed and burned then, it should now, for oh-so-many reasons.

Robert C. Murdoch