Power company’s talk a lot cheaper than our bills

Across the island, so many people have a great view of the ocean that is blocked by utility poles and power lines. And every so often we hear about how much better it would be if we put our power lines underground. Not only would it improve the view, but it would be more reliable too, since we wouldn’t have to worry about wind and fallen branches taking out our power when a storm comes through.

We need to overhaul our power system, but all we ever get from the power company is talk. We talk about green energy, but then we end up wasting a lot of our wind power. We talk about connecting the islands with an undersea cable so we can share power between the islands, but when is that going to happen?

Unlike our power bills, talk is cheap. How is it that we pay so much but so little goes to improve our power grid?

Carol L. Beard