President has put himself and country in a box

With Syria, President Barack Obama has gotten himself in a box of his own making and, in so doing, has put our country in the same box. We are now standing all alone in the world. No friends or allies. We are the leader of the free world with no followers. The last country forced to stand alone in the international world was Great Britain in 1940.

The consequences are that our enemies now see us as weak and vulnerable and will act accordingly. That puts the country in danger. Of greater danger is the fact that we seem to have lost the ability to lead in the world. That leaves a vacuum that will be filled by others who are not our friends.

At a time when we as a country stand alone in the world, the president seems to have lost the confidence of our citizens and legislators of both parties.

For the good of the country, at this time of danger we need to forget partisanship and get behind the president and help him get out of the mess he has made.

David Welsh