Propaganda a price to pay for freedom of speech

There was a Sept. 22 letter that laments freedom of speech of private business corporations to hire public relations firms to improve public perception of their business practices and products in the free marketplace. The writer warned all to beware of this misleading practice. In a democracy, we call this buyer beware.

Of course, never once does this writer whimper about the PR of big government, big union, big university, big green organizations or big partisan pact organizations. All these spread lies, half-truths, innuendos, smears to support their agenda and crush their opponents more often than not against the private sector, often at great cost in jobs, economic opportunities, etc., to the pawns of the power play – those with no political voice.

It is all about free speech. For the maintenance of a free and civil society we need to hear all sides, do our research and make our decisions to live righteously in a world bombarded with propaganda from multiple varied sources. We do not have a choice.

Unfortunately, those with disdain for the open marketplace or can’t see past the propaganda of their own government employers or see only through partisan eyes of their political or environmental interpretation would prefer to shut free speech down for some. Every viewpoint deserves an opportunity to be manifested in the marketplace of ideas. The strength and viability of our democracy depends on it.

Thomas Fairbanks