Put a plan in place now to deal with fowl, cats

Regarding the meeting on chickens and feral cats (The Maui News, Aug. 13), it was very disappointing to read “all panelists agreed that more research needed to be done on both feline and fowl populations to better understand breeding patterns, population size and areas of concentration.”

On Maui, that means in five years nothing will have been done to solve the problem. How about a plan that can be started next month and resolve the problem within a year?

Have the county pay a $20 bounty on each rooster and a $10 bounty on each hen brought to the Humane Society, dead or alive. Have a $10 reward paid for each feral cat brought to the Humane Society that has not been spaded or neutered. The county pays for the neutering. A cat will not be returned to the person who brought it in, to avoid having pet owners using this as a free service.

David Williams