Report failed to include relevant information

It’s always interesting to see what The Maui News includes in its reports and also what is left out. The article headlined “Judge dissolves Wailuku Main Street” (Sept. 5) is a case in point.

Information left out included:

  • Deputy Attorney General Hugh Jones scared WMSA board members into resigning by naming each personally in his draft complaint.
  • A disgruntled WMSA board member was never denied board information. He just needed to ask the appropriate officer for it, namely WMSA’s secretary.
  • The county planning director knew WMSA could not disclose confidential business information of those who consulted with WMSA without breaking our bylaws, prior to demanding such information.
  • WMSA’s executive director presented the mayor with concerns about the Planning Department, garnered from the public at WMSA forums and the board, not her personal concerns. This and WMSA’s support of plans to make Makawao stores more handicap accessible occurred just prior to the planning director’s demand noted above, on which he based not paying WMSA for services rendered.
  • A former WMSA board chairman acted contrary to a board vote that he not meet with the planning director, but rather with the mayor. Later, when he was unable to steer the board in a direction they did not want to go, he resigned and went directly to Jones in retaliation.

All of this information was available to The Maui News in statements to the court and WMSA’s written point-by-point response to Jones’ initial “findings.”

Tom Cannon

Former Board Chairman

Wailuku Main Street Inc./Tri-Isle Main Street Resource Center