Republicans need to stop with the fearmongering

I am amazed that the Republicans always say the American people do not want Obamacare. Did we not have elections where the Republican position was to defund Obamacare by Mitt Romney and Barack Obama held firm? He trounced Romney.

Then the Senate added positions for Democrats. The House Republicans lost seats but they still retained the House due to redistricting and boundaries. They should be called on these lies that the American people have spoken in support of their positions. Maybe correctness should be a minority of Americans have spoken by vote.

If there is any fear of health care I can only see why. Republicans have demonized it and misrepresented it since day one.

Does anyone remember who was in charge of health care before Obama was elected? Insurance premiums were through the roof, many not covered and many Americans feared losing their job or even taking another job for fear of losing their insurance. Doctors complained the system was broken and insurance carriers were telling them what they could do for their patients. People were being denied treatment by carriers.

My, how we all seem to have short memories.

What is their position to help America fix the health system? Just ask them and be surprised if you get an answer. They feel 30,000,000 without health insurance is good for America. When Medicare was established it was not perfect, but both parties worked to make it better over many years. Time to stop obstructionism and fearmongering. Fix it.

Dennis Fitzpatrick