Resist Schatz’s hidden agenda, vote your values

Recently, Sen. Brian Schatz was on Maui and spoke on two topics that I find interesting.

He is big on climate change to the point of fanaticism. He and two other U.S. senators are promoting a bill in Congress to tax power plants on carbon pollution. For our ohana in Hawaii, that equates to higher electric bills. Maui Electric Co. will pass on the tax to us. We already pay for the photovoltaic panels our neighbors have. Remember this when you vote.

Clean energy is a good thing, but MECO is a monopoly with stockholders. MECO is at the switch supposedly overseen by the Public Utilities Commission. Who wants to add more regulation to the ever-expanding Environmental Protection Agency? Sure, that’s what we need – more big government controlling us.

Another issue for Schatz is the federal government recognizing the Hawaiian tribe. Really? A tribe? He claims that President Barack Obama can use his executive power to create the “tribe.” Too much executive power equals despotism.

Schatz will vote to start a war with Syria because he follows the leader blindly and not the people he represents. Maybe that is part of his plan to reduce our carbon footprint – kill people.

Vote your values and be aware of this man’s hidden agenda. Brian Schatz is no Daniel Inouye.

Lisa Gapero