SPCA Maui helping to fix cat population problem

While Maui Humane Society, Humane Society of the United States and Feline Foundation of Maui talk, plan and meet and argue over just how many wild domestic house cats call Maui’s beaches, parks and forests home, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Maui is quietly helping fix the problem.

The less-than-3-year-old animal welfare not-for-profit SPCA Maui offers almost weekly “pay what you can” cat sterilization clinics. Sure, numbers are important and we support the efforts and money allocated to data and research, but all that takes time while cats keep having litters. We know our clinics are the best way to do something now.

Feral, pet or community cats are all welcome at SPCA Maui’s all-volunteer clinics. All cats receive a unique identifying tattoo for easy identification. Feral cats’ ears are also notched for easy identification in the field. Humane traps are available for lending from the organization for free.

Whether feral cat programs advocate trap-neuter-return, trap-neuter-return-manage or trap-neuter-relocate, the first step is always to neuter.

For information or to reserve a space at an upcoming clinic, contact SPCA Maui at 280-0738 or info@spcamaui.org.

Peter Tierney