Tomato-filled Chevy preferred to six-lane highway

Now, I’ve seen this car that really makes sense.

An old Chevy with its top cut off and there’s all these tomatoes growing out of it and the weeds can’t get in. Protecting the tomatoes is this goat that won’t hassle you till you start looking for spare parts.

I grew up in a housing project where deer and then Indians once walked. From my window I saw the few trees that were the wild woods of our neighborhood disappear, leaving a six-lane highway.

So I know why some families move to other places.

But it seems everywhere I go I begin to hear the rumblings of that six-lane highway coming, complete with strip malls, Walmarts and the notion that everywhere should include all the amenities for comfort. It’s called progress, I am told.

I was called home by this land and its spirit 37 years ago, married and raised five children, now grandchildren and a growing garden, sinking my feet and spirit, like roots, deeply into a place I call home. With age, my roots now extend over this whole island and beyond.

Will this island, its water, air and land continue to be destroyed in the name of progress? Are we all gonna be cruisin’ down that six-lane highway to who knows where?

Nope, not me. I’ll be ridin’ in that old Chevy with the top cut off, if that goat doesn’t give me a hard time.

Come by and share a tomato with me.

Bodhi Be