Trap, neuter, return best way to deal with cats

I started working at a very nice condo on Maui in 1984. There were a lot of cats roaming about the property. There was no effort being made to control the cats, so the breeding and unpleasant behavior associated with cats prevailed – howling, fighting, spraying, crying kittens, etc.

About 10 years ago we began to trap and fix the resident cats. Several disappeared, leading me to believe that they belonged to irresponsible owners.

The remaining three have served us well in claiming territory and hunting rodents in their quiet, mostly invisible presence.

For cat lovers it is a wonderful sight to see a compassionate property dealing with the dilemma of the plight of the overpopulated cat. Many visitors have commented on this humanitarian fact.

I am a dedicated volunteer member of the locally endorsed program working toward humanely managing Maui’s free-roaming cats. It is an ongoing effort of caring people who understand that there are not enough homes for all the cats. The majority of the free-roaming cats are not pet quality, and so if they are turned in to the Maui Humane Society they will be euthanized.

Maui Humane Society partners with Feline Foundation of Maui, the group I am affiliated with.

Trap, neuter, return is the only effective humane method of stabilizing the cat population. It is a worldwide program.

Fixing the cats results in no more litters and no more fighting for mates.

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Donya Izbicki